About Us

Respected and Committed

Kama LookoutAs a recognized receptive operator for Northern Ontario, Lake Superior Visits is committed to delivering sustainable tourism practices which benefit both visitors and the communities they visit.  We buy services and goods locally and our guests delight in meeting many 'northern characters'. 

The Canadian Shield  - our forests, rock and water - make this area naturally beautiful, yet pressured by global issues & traditional resource harvesting. We endeavour to make our living in an environmentally and culturally responsible way.  Support of area businesses, conservation, recycling practices and attention to detail has garnered Lake Superior Visits a respected reputation within the travel trade and with our clients.  

Lake Superior Visits is ready to help you plan an affordable, unique and memorable visit to Lake Superior. SIMPLY SUPERIOR! - That's the quality of service you'll experience.

Moving towards sustainability

Winter collageThe economies of Northern Ontario and Lake Superior communities have traditionally been based on the land and the harvesting of natural resources - fish, trees and minerals found in the waters, boreal forest and rock of the great Canadian Shield.  Over the last two decades, other value added uses have been introduced into forestry as have practices such as catch and release, forest management plans and substantial tree planting operations.

Lake Superior Visits is committed to developing sustainable tourism packages and services that minimize impact on our environment, contribute economically to the local businesses and associations we work with along the shore and preserve the spectacular and delicate features of our landscape.    

Those who come and experience Lake Superior will certainly be drawn back again and we will do our part to help the area remain environmentally healthy and relatively pristine. 

It is important that notable cultural and natural features be preserved and protected from bad planning and irresponsible development. Significantly, Lake Superior Visits is a founding member of the Lake Superior Conservancy and Watershed Council (since 2006).  
Reduce, reuse and recycle, particularly as these relate to water consumption, must continue to grow in practice throughout Ontario's North and the world.